Hey Coach! If You Sell Over The Phone?
This Might Be For You

Finally, a conversational playbook to help changemakers stop sucking at sales so they can get the “yes” without relying on awkward scripts or hard-pitch tactics to Convert

For any coach who has ever sweat through their shirt on a consult, dropped their rates to make selling “easier”, or felt gross about pitching and wants to learn a better way...

The Consultation Revelation Was Created For YOU 

The Consultation Revelation
There’s a reason why you get 8 no’s for every 1 yes...

...why none of the sales scripts you were told to try have worked… 

...why even when you drop your rates, people still say “they can’t afford it”...

...and why it just feels like the more calls you do...the worse you get.

But that reason?

Isn’t because you “just suck at sales” like you keep telling yourself.

It’s not because no one wants what you have to offer, or because they don’t see the value in it.

And it’s definitely not because everyone you seem to attract is a “tire-kicker”.

In fact?

It has very little to do with anything that you can explain away at all…

...and everything to do with a little something tricky that’s making our prospects bolt.

So what is this trickster?

Is called the subconscious mind.

And simply put?

It’s a really powerful part of our brain that controls just about everything we think, feel, and believe.

But what our outdated sales selling strategies don’t account for?

Is that in order to sell someone without feeling pushy...

We need to be able to discover what is subconsciously keeping our prospects scared, stuck and resistant to us…

So we can meet them there and help them to think, feel and believe that we are in fact different from everything else they’ve already tried.

But since most of us have no clue that THIS is what we should be doing?

We all hang out in the external world -- pushing our offers at people, practicing our pitch on our dog, and creating scripts for every possible objection we could get so we are READY…

But this?

Is why a seemingly “perfect fit” client will say “no” to working with you even IF they’re super motivated…

...and even IF you nailed your pitch…

Because what they’re looking for?

Is nothing more than something that feels “different than last time”

And even though you might very well BE different than their last coach or plan...

If we don’t subconsciously make them feel different on the consultation?

Why should they believe us when we TELL them we’re different?

The thing is...

...they’ve already been sucked in by fancy offers and perfect pitches before.

And it didn’t pan out for them.

So now?

We need to show them why they should trust us...and stop trying to convince them to.

And if we can do that?

Then the invitation to work with us feels like the most natural next step…

(plus we get a big bonus “YES” from their subconscious 🎉)

So then, The Consultation Revelation?

It’s like a playbook engineered specifically to give you the “edge” with your prospects even before you get them on the phone… you leave every interaction with them thinking, feeling and believing even more that you are the piece to their puzzle that they’ve been missing all along. 

Here’s What You Can Expect...

  • Instantly boost your sales without the hard-pitch.

    We weren’t all meant to be the Wolf of Wall Street on a sales call. Discover how to lead your prospects through a refreshing two-part consultation process that uses specific subconscious triggers to organically show them how we’re different and why working with us is a “big yes”
  • ​Stop worrying about weeding out the tire-kickers.

    The long application forms, elusive calls-to-action and discrete “apply here” buttons work great to make sure only the people who are “really serious” land in your calendar...but if your calendar is starting to collect dust bunnies? This will give you the confidence to sell to anyone, not just mrs. moneybags
  • ​Get rid of the gross-markety-stuff.

    You can’t trick anyone into working with you no matter how eloquently you “overcome” their objections. This is your permission slip to stop discounting your rates, stalking them on social, or following up with them 47 times because you were told that “the fortune is in the follow up”. There, doesn’t that feel good?
  • ​Free yourself from the sales-script.

    Ever botched a consult because the script you were using didn’t “fit” the conversation or “flow” quite right? Yeah, me too...hundreds of times. This provides simple scenario-specific play-by-plays so you’ll always know what to say next (without having to follow robotic scripts that feel clunky and totally confusing)
  • ​Give them something no one else has.

    Don’t be surprised if they call you a “jedi” - you’ll make your prospects feel seen, heard and understood more deeply and completely than they have ever experienced before. You’ll give people a new way to view their struggle and you’ll show them that you are the guide they have been searching for.
  • ​Start to actually look forward to your consults.

    I’m not saying it has to make your top 10 favorite things in the world, but wouldn’t it be nice if you actually looked forward to consultation calls, had fun talking with your prospects, and welcomed difficult clients as an “interesting challenge” instead of writing them off as “not really ready to commit”? This will show you how.. 
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