🚨⚡For All Heart-Centered Coaches Who Hate Sales:

👇🏼THIS👇🏼 Is How You’ll Sell 80% Of Your Consults Into Premium $$$ Programs In Under 20 Minutes... 

...WITHOUT using a sales script…feeling “icky”...OR ever worrying about overcoming price objections again 

Here’s How It’s Going To Work…

In Part #1 you’ll be learning…

✅ The psychology of what really makes your prospect buy, AND how their unique identity is the key to an aligned path towards getting a “full body yes” that feels effortless and flowy (for both of you!)

✅ Plus, you’ll learn the first step of the Heart-Centered Selling Technique: The Art Of Pre-Framing. This is crucial to subconsciously shifting your prospects from skeptical to open and excited about who you are and how you can help them.

Then in Part #2 we’ll dive into…

✅ How our own subconscious mind can unknowingly hijack the consultation...how to take back control...and other little mistakes we don’t even know we’re making that are causing us to botch the close.

✅ And...the second step of the Heart-Centered Selling Technique: Consultation Codes. This is where you’ll learn Exploratory Questioning - a conversational technique that uses specific subconscious triggers to organically show them how you’re different and why working with you is a “big yes”

Lastly, in Part #3…

Case Study Work!! We’re going to dig into some specific client examples where you’ll see all of these strategies laid out in a real-world practical way.

✅ Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions directly related to your own sales roadblocks or objections you’re facing, and get my 1:1 advice on how to move past them for good.

But on top of all of that, you’ll also be supported with…

Bonus #1: The Heart-Centered Selling Action Workbook

...complete with reflective exercises, client examples, diagrams, templates and key takeaways from the lessons so you can refer back to this as you hone your new skills. The case studies from Part #3 will also be included for easy access to real-world examples if you ever get stuck.

Bonus #2: The Consultation Revelation

...my conversational playbook designed to help coaches stop sucking at sales with simple scenario-specific play-by-plays so you’ll always know what to say next (without having to follow robotic scripts that feel clunky and totally confusing) 

And, Lifetime Access To The Workshop Trainings
...so you can binge-listen to the training 27 times in a row if you want (or, if you miss a session, you can catch up without missing a beat)

What Will You Walk Away With?

💎 Confidence to instantly boost your sales without the hard-pitch.

We weren’t all meant to be the Wolf of Wall Street on a sales call. Discover how to lead your prospects through a refreshing two-part consultation process that uses specific subconscious triggers to organically show them how we’re different and why working with us is a “big yes”.

💎 Never again worrying about weeding out the tire-kickers.

The long application forms, elusive calls-to-action and discrete “apply here” buttons work great to make sure only the people who are “really serious” land in your calendar...but if your calendar is starting to collect dust bunnies? This will give you the confidence to sell to anyone, not just mrs. moneybags.

💎 Freedom from the gross-markety stuff.

You can’t trick anyone into working with you no matter how eloquently you “overcome” their objections. This is your permission slip to stop discounting your rates, stalking them on social, or following up with them 47 times because you were told that “the fortune is in the follow up”. There, doesn’t that feel good?

💎 Having something to give that no one else has.

Don’t be surprised if they call you a “jedi” - you’ll make your prospects feel seen, heard and understood more deeply and completely than they have ever experienced before. You’ll give people a new way to view their struggle and you’ll show them that you are the guide they have been searching for.

💎​ You’ll actually look forward to your consults.

I’m not saying it has to make your list for top 10 favorite things in the world, but wouldn’t it be nice if you actually looked forward to consultation calls, had fun talking with your prospects, and welcomed difficult clients as an “interesting challenge” instead of writing them off as “not really ready to commit”? This will show you how. 

What’s The Investment?

To get instant access to this 3-Part Training, your investment is $47.

Which means...all you have to do to get this Workshop for FREE?

Is sell one person into your coaching program using the strategies I’ll be teaching you.

So...I’d be willing to bet that most of you will make your entire investment back before the week is out.

But just in case that’s not enticing enough??

Here’s the deal...

If you go through the full workshop, try out the strategies I teach you, and decide it just wasn’t aligned for you?

I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

AND I’ll let you keep all the bonus materials I’ll be sending you.


Because the whole point of why I’m hosting this is to make you feel better inside of your business and the way you pull people into your world…

...and give you permission to show up as you’re truly meant to...so you can help more people create the radical, deep change I know you’re capable of creating.

And if this doesn't do that for ya?

I have no problem issuing you a full-ass refund, love.

All you have to do is click this button to grab your seat, and let me handle the rest.

Price: $47 USD

Your Host Laura Poburan

Hi, I'm Laura!

I am the founder and lead mentor of TriggerMapping - a certification and mentorship program for nutritionists, dietitians and wellness coaches.

I believe the power of connection and human psychology must be understood and used with our clients to cultivate permanent, deep and meaningful change. Our industry needs to shift away from traditional coaching practices towards a more healing-based approach, where physical change alone, without also mental and emotional transformation, is not only outdated - it’s also becoming undesirable.

To prepare leaders for this shift, I focus on the skills required to uncover the hidden psychological triggers that control our clients behavior and make it hard for them to say “no” to unhealthy food... And the strategies to release them from their triggers so that they can eliminate resistance to change and get the desired results they want (while enjoying the process).


What’s The Investment?

You have a few options:

You can either make one payment of $1997…

Or you can get going on a payment plan for three payments of $697

OR six payments of $397...

Whichever feels best to you, works for me :)
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