In Your Image™ | A 60 Minute Immersive Experience
June 30 at 12:30PM MST

Your External World Will Always Mirror Your Internal One

Getting the heart-led, easeful & aligned business you crave starts with placing yourself above your hustle…

…so you can finally lead, live and create from the truth of who you really are and what you really want.

In Your Image™ exists to breathe life back into the rejected, vulnerable parts of you that hold your most potent magic… expose where you’re limiting yourself… and infuse clarity, trust and unwavering belief that being who you really are will lead you places you never thought possible.

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Laura Poburan

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A 60 Minute Immersive Experience: June 30 at 12:30PM MST

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More specifically?

I want to show you why it’s so hard to trust your intuition when you’re a coach that doesn’t “fit” into the traditional weight-loss coach mold…

…and how to begin to make shifts in the way you view yourself…the way you hold your clients…and the way you make decisions so that you can show up for yourself and your people in a different way…

…and actually create the ripple you know you’re meant to.

So….if you’re DONE with:

>> Jumping from strategy to strategy waiting for something to finally feel good for you AND work for you at the same time.

>> Convincing yourself to keep pushing because one day it will all be “worth it”.

>> Ignoring your intuition and trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing and how they’re doing it…even when it feels heavy and gross.

>> Feeling afraid to share things that feel really important to you because its not sexy enough or can’t seem to find the right words to make others understand you.

>> Struggling to get clients to work on the deeper stuff you know they need (but technically didn’t agree to when they signed up because you didn’t want to scare them away or overwhelm them)

...and therefore feeling overwhelmed yourself…not to mention being overly responsible and burnt out from making sure everyone is happy with you, accountable to you, and held by you.

Sound familiar? If so…this workshop was designed for you.

Inside ‘In Your Image™’ we’ll…

➡️ Expose how you’ve been showing up as your masked, self-protective performative self and learn the real reasons why the business you truly desire doesn’t feel possible to create (and how to shift that belief, fast!)

➡️ Re-active the parts of your true self that you rejected because they didn’t traditionally “fit” the coaching mold and begin to make business decisions, lead conversations and access creativity from this place.

➡️ Look at the way you habitually respond to friction and struggle and how these patterns are hard-wired to keep you feeling like you’re never doing enough. Begin rewiring those pathways so that ease, flow and self-trust becomes your default response in every facet of your work - from marketing to coaching calls.

➡️ Learn about the 2 containers you must create and utilize in order to simultaneously work on your own growth AND hold your clients through a more aligned coaching journey without burning out or resorting back to the “textbook systems” everyone else uses that don’t work for you.

This is the key to remaining grounded in your true self and unwavering in your innate value without your old patterns getting activated by the emotions of clients…or feeling burnt out from absorbing their friction as your own.

Register For In Your Image™ Now

A 60 Minute Immersive Experience: June 30 At 12:30PM MST

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Meet Your Mentor Laura Poburan

Laura is the Founder of TriggerMapping™ - a mentorship program designed to help nutrition professionals radically change the lives of the people they’re called to serve by infusing traditional nutrition practice with deep connection and neuroscience.

She is collectively waking coaches up to a new, more healing-centric form of mastery...where freeing clients from toxic relationships with food and chronic dieting patterns becomes our default (instead of a bonus).

She instills into her students new coaching modalities based in empathy, change psychology, subconscious patterns, identity and ultimately new more grounded forms of communication that cultivate true connection and establish them as a guide and a healer for their clients.

She believes that nutrition coaches are among the most powerful change-makers of today. And if you’ll join her? She wants to awaken you, too - to an embodied, feminine coaching system where being who you are is your biggest asset, and creating radical change in others begins with a deep expansion of yourself.
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