Power Up Your Check-Ins Workshop

I will show you how to create and implement a new (and more effective) weekly check-in process that boosts compliance, eliminates ghosting, and improves results.

It’s time to retire from the roles of weekly motivator and accountability text buddy and transform your check-ins into a tool that trains your clients to hold themselves accountable so you no longer feel responsible for their results or stay on standby for S.O.S messages.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a client who isn’t seeing progress…

But, a close second?

Is when a client misses a check-in.

Or, worse?

When they ghost on their check-in phone call.

Isn’t it incredible how such a small thing can have such a large impact on us?

How when we don’t see their check-in form filled out on time…

They don’t pick up the phone…

Or, they aren’t adhering to the plan…

Alarms go off in our brain and we being to roll through every possible scenario:

Did they fall off track?

Should I have checked in sooner?

Are they going to cancel?

Ugh, I don’t know about you…

But ghosting clients have left me with more gray hairs than just about anything else I’ve had to navigate as a coach.

The Truth: It’s not about the data, their weekly wins, their weight, or even their MyFitnessPal diary

The thing is, we’ve been traditionally taught to coach using the “best-case-scenario”.

To use a series of formulas and calculations to determine weekly weight loss.

And then deploy an arsenal of Google Docs and spreadsheets to monitor and track that data each and every week.

All with the underlying assumptions that…

Our clients will adhere and follow the plan they’ve been provided.

That they will check-in with us and fill out their spreadsheets every week.

And ultimately (hopefully) see the progress they/you desire.

And while this may work in theory.

Our clients live in reality.

And in this reality?

Oftentimes all they can see are roadblocks.

Things like their life feeling too busy to make themselves a priority…

Deadlines at work force them to stay late and order UberEats…

Their kids getting sick…

They can’t get to the grocery store…

Their hubby brings home their favorite ice cream after a particularly stressful day…

There are endless opportunities for our clients to fall back into old habits and patterns.

The reality is, basic adherence and compliance don’t come easy to most.

So then,

When we ask our clients to fill out their weekly check-in reporting on how their week went?

It can often feel like just “one more thing” to do…

Especially if they feel embarrassed to detail out their struggles and admit their failures… Again.

On the surface, it can feel like they don’t want it bad enough.

But odds are?

They actually want it pretty bad.

It’s in these moments where your client needs you the most.

Clients love checking in when they follow the plan to the letter and the number on the scale puts a smile on their faces.

But when their expectations aren’t met?

Or, when they feel like they are disappointing you as their coach?

Checking in can actually be a pretty triggering event.

And, it’s in moments like this where we have a unique opportunity…

When handled correctly,

We can strengthen and deepen the trust we have with them…

…we can guide them to open up about the very things that they have been struggling to face their entire lives…

…and we can create a shift in the way they look at, talk about and anticipate barriers in the future.

But first…

We must transform the way you set up, deliver, and run your check-ins.

In a way that makes the check-ins a lot more meaningful for them.

Designing Check-ins to build self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence within our clients

We can’t only be focusing on collecting data and holding our clients accountable with our check-ins anymore.

They’ve done this song and dance before.

With other coaches in other programs.

And it didn’t work.

That’s why they hired you.

Which means if we want our clients to actually care about this part of their journey?

We need to use them in a new way.

We need their check-in to become a tool for building self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence within our clients.

And the best part is, when we can do this ^^?

Motivational pep-talks become a thing of the past…

Because their motivation begins to come from within.

Late (or no) check-ins become a rare occurrence…

Because they understand the value of checking-in and why it’s meaningful for them.

They begin adhering to the plan better and more often.

They start opening up, becoming vulnerable, and having deeper conversations with you about their struggles.

And, most importantly…

By structuring our check-ins this way?

We begin to shift the way they look at, talk about, and anticipate barriers in the future.

Leading them to develop the most important skill of all:

The ability to hold themselves accountable and effectively navigate the barriers and roadblocks that are yet to come.

Because this right here ^^ ??

This is the key to true, and lasting transformation.

This Workshop Is For You If…

>> You want to arm your clients with the ability to hold themselves accountable

>> You want to boost compliance and adherence with your clients

>> You want to have deeper and more juicy conversations with your clients

>> You want to eliminate ghosting, poor adherence, and resistance with your clients

>> You want to feel confident to run a badass check-in even if your client didn’t fill out their Typeform or spreadsheet

>> You want to be able to hold space for your clients and have the confidence to dig deeper and have those often needed uncomfortable conversations

>> You want to build self-trust and self-reliance within your clients

>> You no longer want to feel responsible for your clients’ results or feel validated by the rate at which they lose weight

>> You know there is a better way than accountability check-ins, motivational pep talks, and “just checking in” texts

>> You want to know how to navigate the tricky situations that sneak up on you during your weekly check-ins

If that’s you…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside The Workshop:

>> How to create and implement a new (and more effective) check-in process that boosts compliance, eliminates ghosting, and improves results.

>> How to build self-trust and self-reliance through your check-ins so your clients develop the ability to hold themselves accountable and effectively navigate roadblocks.

>> The 5 Power Check-In Questions to ask your clients every single week and exactly what to do with the information you get from their answers.

>> How to transition away from being an “accountability” text buddy and weekly “motivator” so you no longer feel responsible for your client’s results or feel obligated to monitor your phone for S.O.S messages.

>> How to navigate the 5 trickiest situations coaches run into each week… Like clients that ghost, don’t check-in, or don’t follow the plan.

Plus, a whole lot more!

So, What’s The Investment?

1 Easy Payment of $47 USD.

The price of the Power Up Your Check-Ins Workshop is one easy payment of $47 USD.

I have made a conscious decision to make my pricing as accessible as possible rather than investing my time in “persuading” you that the “value” is over 10x what you’re paying to justify my price.

Let’s be honest, I know you’d see right through that BS.

No shenanigans here.

Just 1 easy payment of $47 USD.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal…

I may be a little biased,

But I think this workshop is pretty damn good ;-)

And since I started sharing it..?

Let’s just say the students inside of my mentorship program tell me that it has completely changed the way they think about and approach their check-ins.

Now, I don’t want to make any assumptions…

After enrolling, you will get instant access to the course material,

Then after you go through the workshop, if you don’t feel you found value that will improve your check-ins?

I will give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Ready To Transform Your Weekly Check-in Process To Boost Compliance, Eliminates Ghosting, and Improves Results?

Meet Your Mentor, Laura Poburan

Laura is best known as a guide and mentor to coaches who don’t “fit” the mold of what we’re told we’re supposed to do, be, teach, or create. The coaches who crave more for themselves and the work they do with their clients. The coaches who are ready to have their unique brilliance witnessed by the world as they, in turn, learn how to witness and honor themselves.

She has created a space for these coaches to come home to and feel safe as they discover who they were always meant to be, how they were always meant to serve, and the legacy they’ve always been called to create. It’s inside her mentorship program, TriggerMapping™, where she installs this new depth of transformative power into every coach present.

Through boundless conversation, connection, empathy, and a raw, unfiltered understanding of who we truly are, she enlivens the approach we take with our clients so we may bring this same depth of change into the journey we lead them through. It’s this pure understanding and respect for the intersection of our minds, emotions, and lived experiences that she is able to bring forth a sturdy confidence and unique potency in the way coaches communicate with, connect to, and show up for their clients – and themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I need a lot of data-points for my coaching, will this still work?

The Power Up Your Check-ins system is designed so that it can be used as a bolt-on, or an extension of your existing check-in process.

We know and respect that every coach is highly individual in the work they do with their clients and the subsequent information they need to collect to properly do their job.

Power Up Your Check-ins takes this into account and can be implemented within your existing system.

2) I am a personal trainer, health coach, or offer training programs to my clients, will this still work?

The check-in system taught in Power Up Your Check-ins is not exclusive to “Nutrition”. It utilizes psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral change strategies to assist in developing self-trust and self-reliance within our clients to aid in the facilitation of lifestyle changes, whatever they may be.

Regardless of your discipline, if your goal is facilitating lifestyle changes, and an increase in adherence, results, and depth of conversation can benefit your outcomes… The Power Up Your Check-ins system can be implemented within your check-in flow.

3) Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

After watching the workshop, if you don’t feel you have found value that will improve your check-in process…

I will issue you a refund, no questions asked.

4) What will happen after I register?

Once you’re enrolled you will be provided instant access to the workshop video training.

You will receive your login credentials and access to our education platform Kajabi and you will be able to get started immediately.

You will be provided with lifestyle access and have the ability to access the training from your computer, or from the Kajabi App (available for both Apple and Android)
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