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Hundreds of Nutritionists are using TriggerMapping™ to amplify their programming and deliver truly transformational results for the clients who need it most. Let’s discover if it’s right for you, too...

I Didn't Wanna Make It Weird...

...but don't worry, you're not the first person to try TriggerMapping™ 🤣🤣
There have been many others, and some of them have said some pretty cool things...

Here's What TriggerMapping™ Students Are Saying...

It Made Me A Better Coach

"If you're anything like me and you're a coach who knows it's so much more than a nutrition prescription or eat this not that and you really want to impact your clients and help them change on an even deeper level then this is the certification that you want to take."

Michelle Caravella

I Wanted To Differentiate Myself

"For any coach who knows deep down that the impact they want to have on their clients lives stems far beyond their ability to do macro-math and write workout programs and encourage clients to get back on track when they fall off every weekend. The TriggerMapping Program will help you identify and build upon your natural gifts, improve your confidence as a coach and give you tangible strategies for making the type of impact on your clients lives that markets for itself."

Kelly Gifford

I Learned To Ask The Right Questions

"The TriggerMapping course has really shown me that even with the right strategies and methods we can't elicit lasting change and weight loss in our clients if we don't address the root causes."

Lisa Franz

I Realized I Was Missing Something

"I realized I was missing something. I felt there was a gap between where they were and where they wanted to be and I needed a way to bridge that gap. With the TriggerMapping program I realized it was more than just teaching people about nutrition."

Brandee Hommerding

I Highly Recommend The Certification

"What I was struggling with was how to guide my clients to realizing the root of what was going on. I focused on habits and looking at their life seeing where we can create new habits or change old habits that weren't serving them. But, what I wasn't understanding was that those habits were being driven by something deeper. You can change habits but as long as that deeper belief is still in place they're always going to revert to their old habits."

Aaron Oens

Confidence To Dig Deeper

"Even from an initial consultation or brief explanation of the things I'd like to explore, the things I'd like to look into with a client how I can differentiate myself at that point and really give them the confidence to know that if they're willing to work with me that I'm invested as much as they are and were going to get them to where they want to be. And, were not going to be afraid to have some tough conversations along the way."

Josh Kelly

I'm A Better Registered Dietitian

"Now I know the reasons behind why my clients are making the decisions that they are. Their food choices, lifestyle choices, Laura explains it all and makes it super easy to comprehend."

Morgaine Gallagher

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