Get Even The Most Difficult Self-Sabotager To Stop Making Excuses & Follow Your Plan In 4 Easy Rinse-Repeat Steps

Learn how to easily break-through to the nightmare clients you want to fire and turn them into the adherent dream clients you love to work with...all in one conversation

Take Part In This Interactive Workshop Experience Where You’ll Discover…

➡️ What triggers really are, and why they are the key to overcoming resistance and breaking through to your clients on the deepest level.

➡️ How to identify and dissolve the hidden triggers in your nutrition-plans and coaching style that can cause your client to “fall off the wagon” and binge.

➡️ One simple conversation that will quickly get self-sabotagers out of their chronic cycle permanently and have them finally doing what you say without pushback or resistance.

➡️ How to escape the “nutrition coach” box that tells us to “fire” the clients that need us the most, and master the skills we need to understand, communicate with and lead them like a pro.

➡️ How to use “exploratory questioning” as your secret weapon to better understand, lead and empower your clients to reach breakthroughs effortlessly.

➡️ Plus, case studies, exercises and learning objectives designed to cultivate a complete understanding of the psychology behind why our clients say they know what to do...but still don’t do what they know.

Before I Dive Into The Finer Details On HOW We Do This...Let's Make Sure That We’re Totally Clear About One Thing…

It’s normal to get frustrated with clients who don’t’s also normal if you’ve ever wondered “is it okay to fire a client?”

I’ve been there before too. In fact, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Becky was one of my hardest clients...and it wasn’t uncommon for her to send me emotional texts - rambling...frustrated...clearly upset with me.

She’d been a weight loss client for a few weeks at this point...

And she still hadn’t seen a single pound drop off the scale.

She was growing frustrated...and honestly?

I was feeling angry.

Angry at myself for not being able to figure it out…

Angry at Becky for not really committing to anything I gave her...

And angry at my lack of real-world-real-problems preparation my certification had clearly missed the boat on.

I remember feeling so proud when I finally graduated and got that piece of paper in the mail.

Making it “official” that I was now somehow equipped to change lives.

But there it was now, hanging crooked on my wall...taunting me.

Cause the truth I was realizing?

Is that it really didn’t hold up in the real world…

It didn’t help me with real people and their real problems at all.

After all, it really didn’t matter what the science said about how much protein someone should eat…

...or whether Becky should be eating 1600 calories a day or 1900…

...or even the difference between sugar in fruit compared to candy…

None of it mattered.

Not if people can’t actually stick to it.

I mean, look.

Here was Becky.

Convinced that her body was the ticket to her dream life.

That the reason she didn’t feel whole...


...worthy, or beautiful…

Was that she was too much. She took up too much space.

And so there was Becky...

...saying a little prayer each week before attempting to squeeze into her favorite skinny jeans.

Thinking that if she could just control herself more...try a little harder...

She could erase her “too-much-ness”...and be all of the things she wanted

But what she was failing to realize - what so many people fail to realize

Is that what we control, we simply do not trust.

And what we do not trust, can never make us feel whole, happy, worthy OR beautiful.

So what if…

If instead of just trying to force the number on the scale down…

...we committed to helping our clients re-learn how to trust their hunger… be able to pause instead of react…

...and actually hear their bodies tell them when they’re afraid, uncomfortable, sad or anxious…

(instead of just telling it to “shut up” with another scoop of ice cream)

We might have a chance to help them stop using food to cope… heal their relationship with themselves…

...and get them out of their self-sabotage cycle for good.

We might be able to REALLY change their life.

And I knew that if I was feeling this way?

Blaming myself for the grand canyon sized gap I felt between where Becky was and where I felt capable to meet her…

There were surely other coaches feeling this way, too.

Which is why I committed my career to figuring out the missing piece...the skills we all need but are never taught

And why I’m here sharing this with you now.

So then, this Workshop? It’s meant to teach you the truth about self-sabotage.

The real reason why our clients struggle to stick to what we give them…

And what we can finally shift in our approach to help them loosen the death grip they have on food and their bodies…

...and actually get to the root of the problem that’s keeping them stuck trying to be the “right size” to squeeze into that box.

So if you’re ready to be more for your clients,

(or even if you just want a more predictable map to take them from A to B without the “get back on track” pep talks that drive you crazy)

I’d love it if you’d join me. 

What Coaches Are Saying About The Workshop

"The Bad Boy Workshop helped me start connecting the dots between addressing the deeper stuff my clients struggle with and helping them achieve and sustain their goals. The shifts she teaches us to start making are the magic sauce in getting our clients unstuck!
“Holy shit...LOVE LOVE LOVE this information! Thank you again Laura. You’re a dream girl magic woman gift!”
“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you did for us with your badboy workshop. You are amazing and the knowledge you shared was beyond anything I expected. I feel so empowered right now to begin helping some of my clients.”

Here’s how it’ll work…

In Part #1 ▶ I’ll be explaining the psychology behind self-sabotage and work with you through key actions to implement directly with your clients to break them free from this pattern instantly.

You’ll learn about our bias and egoic patterns that unknowingly hijack our ability to create shifts, and you’ll learn a new conversational technique that will change everything

In Part #2 ▶ we’re going to discover areas of growth opportunity in your unique coaching style to reduce friction and instantly enhance adherence.

There’s a rinse-repeat 4 step process I’ll be giving you that will help you apply these new concepts directly into client sessions and plans.

Lastly, we’ll increase your own awareness and begin the inner work of overcoming our own limitations, fears and mental blocks that hold us back from being an effective coach.


I created these bonuses to support you as you start to put these skills into action...

✨ Elevate Your Understanding

Download your Action Workbook complete with elaborate diagrams, ready-to-use templates, competency questions, case studies, and summaries of the more important concepts.

💬 Master Your Sessions with The Coaching Conversation Revelation

A conversational playbook to help changemakers navigate the hardest coaching moments so we can get our clients to open up faster and buy into our process without them getting defensive or shutting down.

What’s The Investment?

To get instant access to this 3-Part Training, your investment is $197.

Which means...all you have to do to get this Workshop for FREE?

Is sell one person into your coaching program using the strategies I’ll be teaching you.

So...I’d be willing to bet that most of you will make your entire investment back before the week is out.

But just in case that’s not enticing enough??

Here’s the deal...

If you go through the full workshop, try out the strategies I teach you, and decide it just wasn’t aligned for you?

I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

AND I’ll let you keep all the bonus materials I’ll be sending you.


Because the whole point of why I’m hosting this is to make you feel better inside of your business and the way you pull people into your world…

...and give you permission to show up as you’re truly meant you can help more people create the radical, deep change I know you’re capable of creating.

And if this doesn't do that for ya?

I have no problem issuing you a full-ass refund, love.

All you have to do is click this button to grab your seat, and let me handle the rest.

Price: $197 USD

Your Host Laura Poburan

Hi, I'm Laura!

I am the founder and lead mentor of TriggerMapping - a certification and mentorship program for nutritionists, dietitians and wellness coaches.

I believe the power of connection and human psychology must be understood and used with our clients to cultivate permanent, deep and meaningful change. Our industry needs to shift away from traditional coaching practices towards a more healing-based approach, where physical change alone, without also mental and emotional transformation, is not only outdated - it’s also becoming undesirable.

To prepare leaders for this shift, I focus on the skills required to uncover the hidden psychological triggers that control our clients behavior and make it hard for them to say “no” to unhealthy food... And the strategies to release them from their triggers so that they can eliminate resistance to change and get the desired results they want (while enjoying the process).


What’s The Investment?

You have a few options:

You can either make one payment of $1997…

Or you can get going on a payment plan for three payments of $697

OR six payments of $397...

Whichever feels best to you, works for me :)
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